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Striiv Picnic Day 2015

When you spend 40+ hours with a group of people, you inevitably eat plenty of meals/ingest loads of snacks and coffee with them every week.

Dogs with human hands
Our table manners are almost this impeccable.

This year, Striiv decided to take that food fellowship to the next level and started the annual tradition of a Striiv Picnic Day. We even got our first-ever Striiv T-shirts for the occasion!

Striivers by the lake
Striivers by the lake!

We met on a sunny Sunday afternoon in August at Shoreline Park in Mountain View. Striivers and their significant others and/or children mingled at the waterfront picnic site and feasted on crudité, Hawaiian BBQ, and a spectacular array of desserts.

Some people lounged under the umbrellas, some played lawn games, and a few people even rented paddleboats and went out for a spin on Shoreline Lake!

Striivers picnicking!

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