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Mother's Day 2016 contest winners

In honor of Mother's Day this year, we held a contest asking Striiv users to tell us why their moms (or the moms in their lives) deserved a Fusion. Each winner would win a Fusion for their moms and themselves.

The number of entries we received made choosing just two winners difficult, but here are our winners and their winning entries!

Faith and her mom, Wanda

Faith and her mom, Wanda

"The mother I think that deserves this Striiv watch would be my foster mom, who brought me into her home at age 7 and raised me as one of her own. She has been my rock and I am who I am today because of her!

"I do not see her as a foster mom — I see her as 'my mom.' She was the one that brought me up to be the person I am today and I would never change this! I'm glad to say I got put into such a wonderful home! She deserves this watch because she is active and likes to go for walks every day! This would be the perfect gift for her."

Emma (not pictured) and her mom, Jeanette

Emma's mom, Jeanette

"I've just become a mother myself and have only come to realise how SPESH my mum really is. She's put up with carrying not only me, but three more kids (my three brothers). She has made us her life. She's sacrificed her own life dreams to always be there for the four of us, 110%. She's stepped up to the mark of being promoted as the best Nana!

"She's turning 50 in June and is currently trying to reach her goal of becoming a fit mum, eating and exercising and enjoying family life. This would just make her day if we rewarded her with a bit of motivational help!"

Congratulations to our winners!

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