A day in the life: Using Striiv Journaling

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A day in the life: Using Striiv Journaling

Janet, a corporate events director, uses Striiv journaling to log her diet and vitamin supplement regimen during the week.

Leaving the house after a satisfying breakfast of plain yogurt, berries, granola, and a cup of coffee, Janet walks down the block to her car and makes a log from her tracker for Diet (“Yes, my breakfast was healthy”).

During her short lunch break, she eats her pre-packed lunch (“Yes, my lunch was healthy”), but dismisses the Medication alarm reminder (for her daily fish oil tablets) right when she’s pulled into a meeting.

After a long day at work, Janet opts to join her colleagues for dinner and drinks at a nearby restaurant. One cocktail and a small – but decadent – entree later, she logs her diet (“No, not as healthy as I’d like”).

She arrives back home and views her journaling data in the app on her bedside. Having recalled missing her vitamin at lunch, she logs a “No” on her tracker for Medication. And while her dinner was not as healthy as originally planned, Janet’s healthy eating habits throughout the day allowed her to put her post-work indulgence in perspective.

Follow Janet's lead, and learn more about journaling.

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