Android Tips and Tricks – Striiv

Android Tips and Tricks

Does the Android version support Play?

Yes… but only on Android phones with both Bluetooth 4.0 and new than Android 4.3

Why am I signed out sometimes?

Striiv was designed to work on one device with one account at a time. If you sign in to another device with the same account, the previous one will stop being able to post steps so when you sign back in, it’ll show a lower total than you expect. We added more checking for when you are signed out in version 214.

Why does Striiv sometimes stop recording steps?

On certain phones after a while, the hardware stops getting data to Striiv. When this happens, step counting apps will stop working including Striiv. There is an exception, when this happens, Samsung’s shealth app will continue counting steps. We’re looking to see if there is a way to address this. When this happens, you should restart the phone and see that it’s working.

How do I tell Striiv is working properly to count step?

We have several messages that popup if we detect that your phone is having trouble counting steps. If you are curious, just shake the phone and see if the foot blinks. This is an indicator that we are getting data from the phone.

Why is my leaderboard out of sync with my friend’s?

Unlike the iOS Striiv app, the Android app does not automatically get updates on the leaderboard to save power. You can pull the list to refresh.

The app crashes a lot for me, what should I do?

Send us feedback! If you are doing something specific that causes a crash, we’d love to hear about it. Striiv for Android is still in beta and we are still working through issues. All crashes are sent to us for debugging and we try to fix as many as we can for every release. The best thing to do is to update the app frequently so you always have the best version.

Why do my steps sometimes reset to 0?

Striiv uses your local clock to reset steps to zero around midnight. If you change your clock or date, Striiv will think that a new day has started and reset your steps to 0.

Can I turn off step counting?

This is a frequently requested feature and we are working on it.