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How does a custom solution benefit you?

Health Insurance

Better data about your population helps you manage risk. We’ve helped leading insurers create novel new insurance offerings, harnessing wearables data beyond just steps to guide preventative care and help their populations lead healthier, more active lives. Beyond new insurance products, we can provide custom solutions for wellness, sleep quality, heart health, weight management, diabetes management, and post-surgical recovery.

Life Insurance

When a new member signs up for term life insurance, everyone is hoping for the same thing: a long, healthy life. Striiv is helping members monitor and manage their own health while simultaneously helping insurers manage their underwriting risk and encourage positive behavior change. It’s truly a win-win.It’s truly a win-win.

Corporate Wellness

Whether you are small business or a Fortune 500 company, you know that your employees’ well-being is fundamental to your success. Striiv has a comprehensive wellness platform with customizable data points, programs, and state-of-the-art wearables without the huge upfront cost.

Pharma: Digital Therapy

Pharmaceutical companies have always needed to innovate to stand out. As healthcare re-invents itself in the digital age, the expectations and role of medications are changing as well. Striiv develops unique sensors, custom coaching and journaling, and cutting-edge digital therapies to help solve the challenges of medication adherence and value-based reimbursements.

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