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What is Myland?
Your goal is to create a magnificent society by using the “energy” points you get from walking.  Striivers who play Myland walk an average of 30% farther each day! Get fit and have fun :)

What are Gems?
Gems are used across Striiv to remove ads, unlock new islands, and unlock premium Myland content. We created Gems for users to unlock premium content without needing to pay cash.

How are Gems Earned?
You get 1,200 gems per new friend added to your friend list. Also, by “leveling up” your Myland plants and buildings, they will start to generate gems.   You also get 15,000 gems if you purchase and link a Wireless Play device.

If I use Gems to purchase plants/buildings, isn’t that Cheating?
No.  It requires the same amount of “energy” points to grow everything, and you can never buy energy points with Gems or cash. Only by walking and taking challenges :)

How does collecting coins from friends work?
Every 1,000 steps your friends take, it will fill up the coin icon to collect.  There’s a 10% chance you will also get Gems when you collect :).  The more active friends you have, the more gold and gems you can collect each day.

How do I “level up” my plants & buildings?
Tap the little green arrow icon on the lower right hand tab to show which plants/buildings you can level up. The higher level items yield far more valuable coins per collection. When you start to hit level 3 and 4, you can begin harvesting gems!

How do Magic AnimalsWork?
Magic animals are purchased with Gems.  They give either a flat Gold bonus or a % gold bonus to *every* gold collection you do.  If you get multiple magic animals, their benefits stack linearly, not exponentially.

What are quests good for?
Quests give you additional bonuses for hitting goals. They also help accelerate zone unlocking.

What are winning Strategies?
To optimized progression in Myland, the trick is to find the most profitable levels with the right magic animal stacking. Having “collect alls” greatly accelerate your gold accumulation in the later levels.